Saturday, September 13, 2008

A post for my Mother-in-Law

My Mother-in-law, over at Yakity-Yak, is the person I'm mailing one of my UFO's to. This is not just to get it out of MY ufo pile and into hers... There's a story-

My mother-in-law is the oldest child out of... a zillion kids. In the family's house, where most of zillion were raised is a beautiful piece of antique stained glass. Its an absolutely amazing piece, much better in person, than in my picture. Its actual size is about 2.5' x 5' or something like that. I think many of the sister's and brother's would like to have this amazing piece of glass in their own family. Of course, its going to be hard to split a zillion ways... Well, honestly, that's probably the ONLY way to split a piece of glass. Anyway, I went to the family house on vacation and took a couple pictures of the antique piece. I emailed the photo to a stained glass artist. Holy smokes.... I won't go into detail, I don't want you to have a heart attack... BUT the only viable option was FABRIC. So I set out to make this "over the couch" actual-real size stained glass quilt. Turns out, I don't really enjoy appliqué-ing, and although I enjoy looking at stained glass quilts... um... well... ah... um.... So here it is, in all its unfinished glory.

There has obviously been some artistic license and manipulation. The medallion is done though, those roses are going to be a bear! At least everything is color blocked and marked already. Either way, its going in the mail to my MIL in its fabulous not-quite-there-yet state. You'll have to check on her blog to see if it gets finished. =)

And another one of my FAVORITE ufo's I found in the move is this little number inspired by Dilys Fronks. She's the Iron Gate lady.

I know that heart circle deal is from her book (or one of her books, I don't know if she has more than one.) And then I really don't remember if the other 3 pieces are hers or not. My plan was to just add black to any batik and then fit it into a top, eventually. This way, I could always be working on a small piece, in some multiple of 2"- and then build a quilt top. So far... this is all I've built. Its about 2' x 2.5' big right now. Sorry, MIL, this one is NOT headed to your house.

Oh, and in that UFO post I mentioned that I like to make basket blocks, but yo-yo's were less fun... well, I promptly went over to Ebay to bid on some yo-yo's so I can get flowers added to that UFO & knocked it out. I'll keep ya posted! ~jen~

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Owens Family Adventures said...

You continue to amaze me with the things you can do!! Really great stuff!!