Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seamingly Accurate is THERE!

Yes, I think I've already had a blog posted called "Seamingly Accurate is HERE" So let me tell you, its here, its there, and thanks to its soon to be EVERYWHERE!

Seamingly Accurate is my seam guide tool, which I developed to help speed up the sewing/piecing for most all types of sewing projects. Its for quilters and home dec and garments- I just love the tool and many ladies have emailed me telling me how much they've enjoyed it also.

Seamingly Accurate was picked up by for production and distribution! It should be available in a store near you soon. Very exciting stuff. My *little idea* currently graces the cover page of their website, is featured on their blog, is showcased in Cotton Spice, and will be a featured item at the Houston Quilt Market Quiltwoman booth, in October.

Holy smokes things are taking off around here and its a result of a great partnership between ReannaLily Designs and Quiltwoman and the continued support of all the seamstresses and quilters who have loved the seam guide tool. Thanks so much!!!

{Do you think we could band together and just call ourselves "Seamsters"? Seriously- Like... the driving union, but for sewing friends? I say we do it! It makes me crazy when people write sewers for people who sew. Clearly one who sews should be a sew-er, but when its written... its a pipe that carrys sewage... come on... Power to the Seamsters!}

Ask for Seamingly Accurate at your quilt shop or hobby shop, in the notions department! Thank you again!!! ~jen~

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