Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand Quilting- wish me luck!!!

I've recently assembled my on-point quilt top. Its a basket quilt with Yo-yo flowers. The colors in this outdoor photo are much better than in the quilt top tutorial. The blues aren't nearly as washed out as the photos from inside my studio. Anywhoo- I've decided to go against all the instincts in my brain and HAND QUILT it! Yes, we have many soccer games and practices this fall, so I thought it might be fun to have something to keep my legs warm and my idle hands busy. Here's the progress so far-

{click on the picture and it will enlarge to show you the 4-6 stitches per inch! YIKES} The hand stitching is quite heinous, but in my defense, I don't hand quilt often. So lets just call it "folk art quilting". The marked top looks very cool, so hopefully the quilting will actually look as good as all those blue chalk lines.

Finn, I'm tellin ya now, I hope this doesn't end up on the UFO table a year from now. We'll see. My quilt guild has "work days" too, so this is a great project to take up there also. Surely, I can finish this... its only 9 blocks big. =)

Stay tuned.

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