Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh so much news-

Seamingly Accurate is going into production!! I signed a contract this past week and will be representing the product at the Houston Quilt Market in October! WOWSER. The product will be distributed exclusively by More information coming soon.

And in other exciting news, I received my invitation from Spoonflower. I can't wait. I've got about a zillion ideas running through my mind on what I want my first print to be. I want it to be small enough scale to be able to use it on small pieces, like make-up bags. BUT I love large scale prints. For the price though- its definitely going to be a small scale print. I have the motif digitized already, I just need to lay it out and color it. (Which I do realize, is a time consuming process.)

I also am 1/2 way through another UFO. This one was a gift from my High Desert Quilt Guild friends when I moved away from that city. I have 9 blocks, all in Red White and Blue and- proud to report- as of today, I have a finished little scrappy top. I do hope to machine quilt it myself, since its smaller.

Also, I have added a free dinner napkin + table cloth pattern over on my pattern page of my website. Scroll down, you'll see it there. Its the ultimate super mega ultra beginner pattern. Heh, did that sound easy enough?

And I suppose lastly, I'm offering my first class her in my new town. Its going to be on October 4th. I have 1 spot left for the morning class, 9a-12 and 3 slots left for the afternoon, 1-4p. More information is over on the classes page. We'll be making the Grocery Tote, just in time for Halloween. This is also a beginner project and you can download the pattern for free on the pattern page, even if you aren't taking the class. Check it out, make it up, and drop your photo into the ReannaLily Designs flickr group.

So I suppose thats all I have for right now. Hopefully the next post will have some fun pictures. Who doesn't love pictures?? ~jen~

edited to add- Seamingly Accurate is no longer available for free download, as of Sept 23rd 2008. It is, however, available for purchase through


Owens Family Adventures said...

That is just awesome!! I soooo wish I lived closer to Houston so I could go to the quilt show this year and support you. I'm really really happy for you!!

Leigh said...

That is awesome! Congrats!!! I really need to get motivated and do something with my life! OH! Remember, I can only work on Wednesday afternoon, but if you had a shipment or something then I can work overtime! LOL!!