Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another UFO

I listed a few of my Unfinished Objects in an older post. And I'm proud to report that I'm crossing off a couple items! (You get to see only the one in this post, though.)

When I moved from Albuquerque, NM, my quilt guild of a few ladies, gave me a Friendship Square block. It was so nice. I got a total of 10 of them, but one was slightly off, so I might make that a coordinating pillow or something. So I'm very happy to report that after only 2 year of sitting on them, I got the whole thing set, machine free-motion quilted, and bound this past week.

I watched a machine quilting tutorial video over on Quilt Gallery at Quilting Bloggers so I thought, of course, "Oh, I can certainly do that!" So I decided to try out the design with paper and pen to see if my hands would even make the motion described in the video- it worked. But, turns out, on my desk-top home sewing machine, I'm not nearly as fluid. I do like the results, but the quilting is kind of clunky. Who doesn't love clunky??? You can see it better from the back- Click on it and it will enlarge.

So thats the first big thing done on my to-do list. The other UFO is more of an Almost FO. =) I'll have that quilted, theoretically, this fall. But really, its been 4 years, what's a couple more?! HA. I'll keep ya posted. Thanks again for Finn's blog who started this whole challenge rollin'. ~jen~


Finn said...

Hi Jen, I wanted to pop over and say thanks for stopping by my blog, Pieces and leaving a comment. Its always nice to see a new face. In your case I feel like I already know you from somewhere. But with the senior moments coming faster and faster, who knows..LOL
I wanted to tell you that you'd be so very welcome to join in person.
It's the first time I'm tried something like this, the challenge. Actually I had merely asked if anyone wanted to play along with me as I attempted to finish, oh say 5 projects in the 4 mohths and 7 days til New Years Eve.
I've been quite astonished by the willingness of others to play along.
Please feel invited to join us if you care to. Just give me a hollar and I'll add your name and project number. No prizes and also no penalities. No guilt is allowed, just fun and hopefully some finished quilts. *VBS* Hugs, Finn

Leigh said...

OH YES! That is very me! Love it!

Margaret said...

Just surfed over from musings from my soul. The stained glass piece is stunning, and a wonderful idea, now it will be carried down through the ages. I wonder how the zillion, remember the original. That would be a great memory piece to put into a family tree. My first hobby is genealogy. The photos could also make signature cards or personal cards. Do you know the history behind the piece of glass?

Becky said...

Way to go! I'm so impressed of how quick you are getting everything done. I love the feeling of getting old projects done. Just another week and I'll have all my stuff so hopefully I can get some done too!