Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denyse Schmidt Back

Ok, so its not exactly Denyse Schmidt... I love Denyse Schmidt's work. Have you seen her website? Zillion dollar quilts, books, patterns, fabric and more! Do a flickr search for her and you'll find that she's inspired tons of seamstresses and quilters. In fact, I've made a Hop-Skip-Jump pattern here, and used her super cute orange fabric here.

I thought I'd show off the back of my Interlocking Squares quilt. Its not exactly Denyse, but thats ok. Its definitely Denyse-inspired. I wanted the back to match the front, so I actually took ALL the leftovers from the front (before I authored the yardages section of the pattern) and made the backer.

Very utilitarian, working down the stash and all. Its fun to look at. Its like a lost little party on the back of my throw.

You like that bright yellow light in the upper left corner of the picture? My husband was holding the quilt and it turns out- he's tall. =) So tall that his hand was almost on the light. heh.

I should mention too, since you can see the meandering quilting pretty well on there- That was done entirely by my machine quilter, Karen. Go check out her site and excellent prices!

Thanks for checking out my quilt back. Have a lovely afternoon. ~jen~

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