Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Day over On Etsy!

Thanks to the brilliant suggestion by my Sister-In-Law- I'm listing some of my fabric scraps on Etsy. I sorted all the colors and weighed all the bags. I've collected quite a pile of scraps sewing over the past two years. (And this is just the two years I've been saving! Imagine if I saved it the whole 15 years!!!) The prices are fair and I'll combine shipping. Heck, buy them all and I'll throw 'em in a flat rate box for you. This photo mosaic was made with BigHugeLabs and the pictures are from my flickr account.

That little lower right corner is NOT a scrap at all. Its actually a little stroller blanket for a boy. I've made two. Joel Dewberry fabrics on one side and super softy buttery Minky fabric on the back. Its the perfect weight for cool morning walks. And of course, its machine washable. It makes me nuts to see baby stuff say "hand wash only" or "spot clean only" come on... its for a baby for goodness sakes.

And I still need to list one more Army Cube bag tomorrow morning. If you're waiting for that ACU with Moda fabric- tomorrow is your day! ~jen~

::edited to add:: The Moda ACU Purse is now listed also. All the purses from this post, are ready for sale in the shop. Thanks for checking them out!

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