Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Recycled Uniform Bags are BACK!

Ok, I've been working like crazy this week to bring you 6, YES 6, new Army Cube purses. Well, you can call them Military Cubes if you like. I don't want to discriminate. =) I do have 3 bags that are identical {except fabric placement, of course}- fabric by Michael Miller:

And I have one super fun bag made with the ever-popular Heather Bailey Fresh Cut fabrics.

I also have a BDU bag featuring coordinating pieces of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom Fabrics-

And the last one is made with an ARMY ACU uniform- so this one is definitely an Army Cube. It has the velcro still in tact for the name tape, too. This one is SO pink, but no flowers- so its femme without being too *sweet*. These fabrics are Moda.

I've started to sew my label on the side of the bag, rather than loop it- It turns out they were wearing down a little bit. I think my next label order will be traditional woven ribbon labels, instead of printed ones. In fact, if you can recommend a woven ribbon maker- I'd love to hear about it.

I'll be linking the photos to their listings over on Etsy as soon as they are available. Or if you want one, just email me and we can work it out. =) I'm listing one per day this week. (The first 3 are already a GO!) If you'd like me to make a bag using your fabrics and uniform, please email me. See more of my bags over on my flickr set for Recycled Uniforms.

Thanks for checking them out! ~jen~

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