Saturday, April 19, 2008

Introducing- The Military Monster

Wow, let me show you the chaos that was my sewing table, where I allow my family to eat every night... In fact, some would call it a dining room table- but lets be real here, it gets more time with fabric than food. So, let me show you my sewing table:

Oh my sweet goodness, it was a mess everywhere. I think I managed to cover every square inch of the tabletop at some point or the other. I was working on a new design for my BDU Recycled collection. My clients have been going crazy over the Army Cube purse, but many of them wanted a zipper closure top and more space. Well... ok... You got it. And so, the Military Monster was born.

This purse is a MONSTER. And it can hold everything for your little monster, too. Its about 22" across the top and about 12" tall. It has a total of 8 deep drop-in pockets. Its pretty sturdy with the inner construction and rugged BDU fabric. Wanna see inside?

Your looking down into the 6 drop-in pockets. The inside is soft and comfy with a removable (fabric covered) plastic card to shape the bottom edge.

The design was inspired and loosely based on a Vera Bradley bag. My sizes are different, and unlike the Vera, there's no way I'm quilting that whole bag, then sewing it all together.

I hope to be offering these in my shop soon, or if you'd like one for yourself, please leave a message, or email me. This bag requires 2 full yards of fabric (one yard of each color) and one BDU shirt. I think, although I haven't tried it, I think I could also use one pair of uniform pants instead and still have enough fabric.

The fabric used on this bag is Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson, for Michael Miller.

Ok, well, thanks for checking out my new bag. Well, its not mine, this one is sold- but thanks for checking it out all the same. Another big thanks to Sygnet Creations for featuring my halter on her blog. THANKS! Have a great day! ~jen~



Angelines Artero said...

beautiful bags and beautiful works, could you put a translator in your blog? Regards from Spain

The Jen said...

Thanks for your kind comment... I have no idea how to set up a translator on my blog. I'll look into it. ~jen~

The Jen said...

After visiting Angelines blog- I figured out the translator feature. SWEET. Translate ReannaLily Designs on the right hand side of the blogsite. ~jen~