Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Lonely Bag

I'm quite proud to report that after the booth, I gained lots of exposure. At the booth I had Army Cubes (purses) for sale. I now have only one left. Its currently listed over in my Etsy store. Well, now that bag, the one thats left, is so lonely! I can hear it weeping from inside the rubber maid which houses all my inventory items. Poor thing. Lets make her some friends!!!!

So here's how it starts:

I love that the bags are made from recycled uniforms. The tricky part is getting a big enough piece of the uniform, to lay flat, so that I can then cut out the pattern shapes I need. Generally, I make a big mess in this process, but thats ok by me.

Next up, the filling to give the bags their shape and the fabrics to give the bags their WOW. I've stacked them and laid them all out for you to see.

If you are a designer fabric girl- please check back in April. I've got Prints Charming, Valori Wells, Jennifer Paganelli, Tina Givens, (those 4 all by Free Spirit) and Alexander Henry all here for the handbag making party. =)

Check back soon for all the recycled goodness! Go GREEN! ~jen~


cpt. wilson's sister ;) said...

Now those are cute. I'd bet they'd make great project bags for small knit in progress like socks. Sewing is my crafting phobia, but I'm determined to make a little bag as soon as I track down iron on vinyl.

Becky said...

Only one left?! That's great.
You know what song just popped into my little head:
"One is the lonliest number..."

Ah man, I need some more sleep! : )