Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you LOVE rainbows?

We are moving this summer, in June. Many of the neighbors seem to want things sewn before I leave- which is awesome!!! But guys, we will still have mail and the usps thinks its fine if I sew stuff AFTER I move. Anyway, I've been extra busy and I have to tell you, I'm loving it. I'm heading to Japan next week for a big fat holiday and I cannot wait!!! But, by taking a vacation, I'm losing some sewing days in the "make this before June" rush. Goodness.

So (or shall I say, SEW) my neighbor comes over to ask me to make two baby quilts for her. My restrictions are: "Her one daughter likes rainbows and her son, well, make his boy-ee." Hum. Ok. But like I said, I need to plan my sewing days and my neighbor actually leaves in April, way ahead of me.

Hum... how about a fabulous quilt-in-a-day type quilt?? Great idea. I decided to start with the daughter's quilt. First stop, picking fabrics.

Now... I know I want to use the bargello method to make the quilt... but do I want it to BE a bargello quilt? First things first, lets sew the strips and make the "tube-y" thing.

Now I'm opening up the fabric tubes. I'm not currently working with a design wall. I kinda like surprises... lets see how its turning out... I wonder if I got that bright yellow section to fit in the middle of the quilt??

Hum... well, lets see... I guess I should keep un-plucking a few more tubes to really find out. Thats what I did, and I also tried to cram the whole thing on the edge of my table- so in the event I liked it, it'd be ready to sew. Heh. Here's how it looks stacked, ready to sew.

I'm on a break now. You cannot tell in the picture, but I decided against the bargello wild-wave look and went with a pattern of same size (3"") blocks. You'll just have to check back later to see how it turned out.

I wonder what I'll do for her son's quilt??? hum....

And yes, the bargello method is on the internet, but for some reason, I couldn't find a link to it for this blog post. Its an awesome quick method. If you cannot find it on the internet, the books are definitely worth it. The process has many applications other than traditional bargello quilts.

EDITED TO ADD- Thanks to a very friendly comment on my flickr photostream, the bargello online directions are over on Quiltville, under Scrappy Bargello.

So while I'm on this little break, let me leave you with a springy picture.

Happy Spring. ~jen~

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