Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Booth

Well, the booth is done. I took most of my Etsy inventory and a couple of new special items up there for the ladies to peruse. I even took Mannie, my mannequin, up there for display. Check me out. Mannie is in the front seat over there, facing backwards.

I suppose that would be quite a funny site in America too. Here, in Korea, it was a spectacle. (Look at me, big nerd, taking a photo of myself! HAH!! See my arm & camera shadow on Mannie's rear? Sad, and funny all at the same time.)

Since the event was held on an Army post, I needed to get onto the base through the secure base gates. Not a problem. So the gate guard looks at me, then looks in my van. He sees Mannie in the front seat and the child size mannequin, Buddy, in the back seat. Then he stops and looks at me like "lady you have lost your mind" and he says, "Oh what is that?" So I tell him, and it seemed to confirm his "lost your mind" suspicions. Good times. And, we're in!

...incidentally, do you think I could go in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane with a family of Mannequins in my van?...

I had more stuff than table space, so if I do the craft fair gig again, I think I'm going to need some kind of display rack or wall or something. Doesn't Mannie look lovely in her apron? And Buddy is wearing one of my children's outfits. There's quilts, purses, wine bags, throw blankets- quite a spread. It wasn't flying off the table, but after a bit I realized many of the ladies attending the function had cutsom bags made/designed by me already. I did get to hand out the 'ole business card and lock up a few more commission jobs. All in all, it was a pretty good night.

I have listed the, ahem, surplus inventory over in my Etsy store if you're interested in seeing the new items. Have a great day and thanks for your continued support! ~jen~

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