Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Mini-Hip

Its hip, its mini. It was originally designed from the bum-pocket of a set of BDU pants, but I've since recreated the welt pocket in fashion fabrics. This one was also originally designed to be the little purse to match her moms. Well, I spent today making up a ton of these little guys. 6 are already sold and the other six will be going to the booth next week. The fashion fabric is Alexander Henry Mocca. Its bright, its funky- its hip. Oh, but the name, mini-hip is because the purse handles (on my 6) are just long enough to hit your hip when you wear it.

Now let me tell you a story about that ironing board- We've had it for a while. I know you can buy ironing board replacement covers, which I have done- but when I get home, turns out the cover doesn't fit. Of course, it fits the fatter board. So, then we move to Korea. Gees, Ok, I'll get an ironing board cover when I go home. No real rush- its just for ironing clean clothes, after all. Well, recently my husband sees the top of this board and says, "What have you been doing here?" And I say, quite obviously, "Ironing." The reply was something like, "Hum, Ironing fabrics before dousing it them gasoline, lighting a match, extinguishing with water, then the chemical extinguisher?" So... hum... maybe the ironing board looks worse than I had originally estimated. Heh. Incidentally, do you think I can just put the ironing board cover in the washer or will that mess it up??


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