Friday, March 14, 2008

Wildly Productive Day

Today I was having one of those "I just want to do something for me days." I started by cleaning, so that I could enjoy the afternoon in my sparkling house. I made myself a great tortellini salad and I sewed. I drafted up a size 8 girls skirt pattern and made a cute little outfit.

Most recently, in the fashion sewing department, I've made boutique-y items to list on Etsy. I get my daughter (or her friends) to model and then get the outfit safely packed in a ziploc bag in the studio. Well, as you can imagine, she says "Now which one is mine?" ...Well... Mommy was making these for Etsy. Yours is coming soon, I promise. Today was the day! Hooray! Just in time for spring. I found this extra great, wild Alexander Henry print at the fabric market and bought just enough for an entire ensemble. Of course, it needed pink polka dots, though. -Good news, the fabric market has those too.-

I still have some polka dot fabric left and I keep thinking it needs a matching purse... but really, what does an 7yo need with a purse? We'll see. The headband is really accessory enough. The extra polka dot fabric is just calling me. "Jen, how about a coordinating peasant blouse???" Oh, we shall see, indeed.


Now, let me share another tool with you from Heather Bailey's March of the Tools. I recently purchased this ruffle/pleat foot for my sewing machine and I have to tell you: I have no idea how I've sewn for the past 15+ years without it. The best part is, Ebay has them for under $30. Let me show you what this contraption looks like:

(That photo is from the ebay auction, where I purchased my very own new favorite tool.) Now let me tell you, this tool has many different settings from tight little gathers to full pleats. If you sew, you know its a royal pain in the... Well, ruffles are worth their money.

And now, they are a piece of cake. I cannot wait to add more ruffles to every apron and jeans hem! Definitely worthy of the March of the Tools. ~jen~


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Becky said...

The ruffle foot is awesome! I'll have to try yours out here in a few months!

I love the outfit...and the model too for that matter! : )