Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Five. I've made 5 bags recently. Again, all for that spouses booth. I was only going to make two bags (both were the stripe one on the far left) and list those two on Etsy. Well, one of them sold right off my kitchen table and the other one felt lonely. So I thought- "its ok, poor little cutie-bag, I'll get you some friends" So I hopped to workin on 4 additional ones. THEN the spouses thing came up. Hopefully, they'll all have homes by the end of the month. If not, they're headed to Etsy.

edited to add- Shoot, you'll have to click on the image to see all five. Stinking blogger format. Trust me, there's 5 there.

And with this little commissioned bag, the mom wanted a matching bag for her daughter. Just so y'all know, I can do that too. =) I want to show you a picture of the smaller bag for her 6yo. Its just a quick little one, with no big bells and whistles- unless you take into account that she's got a bag, like her mom, made of her dad's uniform... then yes; Bells and Whistles galore.

Thanks for checking in on my progress. More photos of the going's on, or should I say "SEWing's on" to follow. Have a great day! ~jen~



Becky said...

I think the "daughter's bag" is really cute. You should make some of those for the craft fair too. You know, in your spare time and all! : )

Leigh said...

I hadn't seen the "daughter bag" Jen, you holdin' out on me?! Very cute! You have been busy girl. Can't wait to see everything laid out on the table.