Monday, March 3, 2008

March of the Tools

I'm joining the March of the Tools. The March was started by Heather Bailey over on her Hello My Name is Heather blog. Sure it features a kitchen tool, but I'm not too good with kitchen tools. In the kitchen, I pretty much need a knife, cutting board and blender. I suppose that says something about my cooking. Sad, I know. But not to worry, I can sew. So lets see- what is my favorite tool? Sewing tool, that is. Aside from the irreplaceable iron, cutting mat, ruler and rotary cuter, but my favorite tool is the Dritz Loop Turner. Where would we be without it???

Its not too much to look at and holy smokes it can get lost pretty easily, but its the best $4 you'll ever spend. So thats my favorite tool. Take the March of the Tools and show me what your favorite tool is. ~jen~


1 comment:

Becky said...

I use mine all the time too...only if I can find where Syd hid it last! : )

I think they are even cheaper than $4 too!