Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hop Skip Jump Experiment

Ok, I belong to a few flickr groups over on flickr. In fact if you go there and type in ReannaLily Designs, I think you should see all of my 6'ga'zillion photos. Anyway, I was browsing through the Denyse Schmidt group and I noticed alot of people were making this quilt from her book. The pattern is called Hop Skip Jump. Looks pretty fun, even if it doesn't appear to have "quick methods" of consturction.

Well, by golly, I don't have one of those quilts! What's a girl to do?? Well, first I went to Alibris to see how much the book was and to see if they'd ship to an APO. If you haven't used Alibris you should check them out. Great prices on books. So after Alibris, I thought, maybe this particular pattern is in a "free download" section on her website. I went to google and typed in Hop Skip Jump. Tuns out, that must be some kind of phrase for musicians. (doesn't help me out)

UNTIL- I got to PinkChalkStudio in the google list. Kathy Mack runs that site and she's got cute stuff on there often. I've visited it before. She explained that the Hop Skip Jump was made with templates. *sigh* I'm NOT a template girl. So I scroll down. Check out her post here. Sweet. She explains how you cut rectangles in half, then resew them, however you like. Then square the whole deal up.

All I need now is some fabrics. As luck would have it... I'm sitting on about 47,ooo yds of fabric! Here's what I went with:

I have the top constructed. It went very quickly. I love making quilt patterns that are SUPPOSED to not match up perfectly. This pattern is perfect for that! Are you still looking at the swatches? Thinking I might have lost my mind? Don't worry. I didn't know what it would look like exactly either, but I do really like the fabrics. I've got P&B textiles, Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures and even an, old faithful, Free Spirit in there. I'm sharing the love this Valentine's Day! So wanna see what happens when you chop them up and sew them back together, all the while aiming for it to look loosely similar to a pattern seen on the internet?

Eh, I like it. Its funky and fun and you know... not too femme. Its baby sized and hopefully will be quilted sometime this week. Thanks for taking a look. ~jRe~


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Becky said...

I love Pink Chalk Studio. She does have the cutest stuff all the time! I love your quilt.