Saturday, February 9, 2008

The FREE Wine Bag Pattern!

Ok, I have finally sat down and authored a pattern for free download on my design site.

All you have to do is go to my site and click "free pattern" then you'll download a printable word document which will show you how to make these wine/gift bags:

Leave me a comment, and if you make it please add it to my flickr group, ReannaLily Designs Pattern Creations. I hope the pattern works for you and your gift giving. Or, if you check it out and decide its WAY too much hassle, I have some of these on Etsy. ~I bet you already knew that.~

I'm also quite proud that I did finish the wholesale list of my website also. I think I might add one or two more items. (A make up bag with a zipper top and a wristlet style zipper bag) Thanks for checking it out.



Owens Family Adventures said...

Ohhhhhhh cute!!! I am downloading the pattern as I type!!

Leigh said...

Very cute! I love it! Can a novice handle this one?

The Jen said...

It should be good for beginners.