Thursday, February 17, 2011

18" Doll Spring Clothes

Hum... I might have a problem...  

I LOVE to design and make these little doll clothes.  
They use very little fabric, the client never complains and they finish up in a snap!

(Above Photo) This outfit is a square-neck, empire waist tank top and Capri jeans. If you are blog follower/subscriber, you might recognize that fabric on her tank top.  Its from my NEW Modern Complements Line.  The jeans are made from a recycled pair of actual soft denim jeans.  I added pockets at the hip and was oh-so-proud until I realized 1/ You cannot see them because her shirt covers that area of the pants and 2/ She can never put her arm in them because her arms don't bend.  HA!  Both of those garments have a Velcro back closure.

This outfit is a top with a gathered hem and gathered sleeves with white shorts.  The picture below shows the back closure.  I used two bits of Velcro back there.  I had to Velcro where the elastic waist is, to keep the elastic stretched when in use.  You can click the photo to see it larger.

The fabric used in this outfit is Polka Dots- thrifted bed sheet, and the White is an IKEA bed sheet.

The dresses above were made with my daughter and her friend. (10yo)  I used the same IKEA bed sheet white fabric and let the girls draw whatever they wanted to on the dresses.  They got to plan the design, make it on paper, trace it on to the dress with Crayola Fabric Markers (which I LOVE.  They are sold on the crayon aisle not in the craft/fabric departments) and then I whipped up the dress by extending the tank top pattern.

I'm lovin this butterfly and I'd totally wear it on a t-shirt!

The patterns used in the doll outfit are my original designs.


Sherry said...

Your doing a great job and its do nice to see the girls are getting into it also. They did a wonderful job. Yes I would also where a shirt like the dresses.

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