Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Studio Tour

I've been cleaning up in the studio.  I've organized.  I've purged.  I've re-organized and now I have a couple pictures to show you.  I showed you the space right after we first moved, a little over a year ago.  Wanna see the progress???

My favorite spot is the inspiration wall behind my sewing desk.  I have all sorts of things on that wall.  Small Quilts, my favorite painting from college, an owl clock- just like the one my grandma had as I was growing up, scissors cutting on an electrical tape cutting line, sketches, market badges- really all sorts of things.  I also have some "blank" wall space... so I totally need to get sewing/swapping to add more to my wall.  (Yes, the picture below is spliced together, so you could see the whole wall, edge to edge.)

I also have the design wall opposite the inspiration wall.  Its blank-ish right now.  I'm looking to pick up a large piece of foam insulation board from the home improvement store and wrap it with flannel.  That will be later.  For now, I generally just staple straight into my wall.  (GASP)  And I still have my fabric stash sorted by color, on the right hand side of the picture.

In my studio I have a custom built table.  My friend Debbie (Hi Debbie!) had this huge awesome cutting mat in her sewing studio and I instantly had cutting mat envy.  I did buy the mat about a year later, but it was much larger than my plastic costco table.  This table, below, has a huge workspace, and ironing board on the left hand side and storage for 8 rubbermaids underneath.  The best part about an MDF + 2-by-4 table is that it never shakes when I start stitching fast.

So that is a little peek inside the studio.  I've managed to keep it clean for about 14 hours.  I'd say times up on that!!!!

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