Monday, December 6, 2010

The Placemat Swap 4

Ok, this swap ended in early November and I'm just now realizing I forgot to share it with you. (I'm certain you were losing sleep over the whole deal.)

If you don't know about the Placemat Swap, it was hosted over on flickr. You were paired with someone with like interests and then the two of you swapped ideas. My partner and I agreed that we'd likely not be using our placemats as placemats. That gave us a free pass to make our items at bit more unique, I think. If I were to make a "real" set of placemats, I would NOT have used white.

I sent an easy curved piece, scrappy modern-esque placemat which featured vintage sheets + white. I have one quilting line in pink and one quilting line in yellow. For me, that was a stretch.

My swap partner, Kendra, sent me this very cool, very vibrant placemat. Its on black! I've never used black as a background. Its lovely and totally outside my comfort box, which is wonderful.

Placemat 4 Swap complete. Thank you thank you.

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Becky said...

That is a really cool placemat that you received! I loved how she quilted it too.