Friday, October 1, 2010

Wichita Shop Hop!!!

Its shop hop time here in the city. There are 10 shops on the quilter's shop hop. I'm excited to hit up a few shops this Friday morning- but more excited to tell you about my shop hop experience before....

This time last year, I was at a McDonald's. I kid you not. We were just moving to Wichita, closing on our house the day before. We did the "ooh- we finally have the keys, who cares if there's no furniture, by God we have toilet paper and cell phones and that's all we really need" camp-out, which meant we had to go out to grab breakfast. So- McDonald's.

While in McDonald's I see this group of 3-4 ladies all with these embroidered + quilty denim jackets that say "Traveling Quilters" I told my hubbs that I had to go talk to them, because these were my people. He might have laughed, as the ladies were about 30 years my senior.

So I ask them where they were traveling to-

Turns out they had driven down from... um... Nebraska, I think, to attend the HUGE Wichita Shop Hop. Ooooh- shop hop, you say? On the very weekend I pick up the keys, you say? Going on right now, with special hours after you finish your McMuffin, you say? Hum.... ok. So one of the sweet ladies gave me her shop hop address guide. Well that was super sweet.

So I head back to the house with the hubbs and kids.
"Didn't we want to paint before all our furniture arrives next week?"
Sure, he says.
"Well, I'm going to need to get the paints. I don't trust you to pick them out."
Sure, he says.
"I might be a bit."
Ok, we'll be here, hanging out, he says.

On the way to the paint shop (Lowe's or Home Depot- who even remembers), I happened to drive past... what? WHAT'S THIS? Q.U.I.L.T.S.H.O.P. {{.... didn't see that comin, did ya?...}} So I roll in there, look around.

Honestly, at this point in my life this was the first real quilt shop I had been into in about 3 years. Korea didn't have wonderful cozy small time quilt shops all over the place. And the small city in Oklahoma... well... it just wasn't the same.

So I'm there, I'm hoppin on the shop hop. I'm in the mix. I'm lovin everything I see. My credit card was trembling in my wallet, just waiting to break free. The ladies were super nice and the customers were chatting like the all knew each other- which they may have, what do I know...

And then 45 minutes later I look down at my phone/clock and think "OH CRAP- PAINT SAMPLES"

Ah... note to all you hubbs out there- Seriously, if you KNOW there's a shop hop because wifey-cakes told you in the car on the way home from McDonalds- its probably not smart to trust her to just run out for paint.

Happy Shop-Hop Weekend! Oct 1st=Oct 3rd.
Happy 1 Whole Year in Wichita, ReannaLily Designs HQ!

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Corinne said...

Great story. And your husband should know better by now!!!