Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shop Hop Haul

Can you call it a "haul" if you're reasonably certain you spent the least amount in a fabric store... in the history of fabric stores? That's ok, though.

I recently went through my stash to find a bit of gray. I'm really liking some of the modern quilting blogs & the projects they are featuring with gray fabric. Sure- check out the stash... to my surprise (and yours, and my husbands!) I don't own gray fabric.

I took the shop hop opportunity to grab a few pieces. Grays. I also snagged a green dot Moda fat quarter and a little Katie Jump Rope. Hooray for orange... and green...and gray! (No, these are not all going to be in the same quilt.)

So that is my big fancy haul. Nothing too glamorous, but all things on my "shopping list". Yes, there's an app for that. =)

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