Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mug Rug Swap RECEIVED and SENT

My official Sent and Received post for the fabulous MUG RUG swap hosted on flickr.

Ok, first let me just say that the surprise of getting something tiny and handmade from a stranger was WAY more exciting than I thought it'd be. I had a good time doing that little swap over on flickr.

So without further ado, let me show you what I received from my partner KatieMade

A wonderful bag to hold my goodies and perfect little rug- and get this- the rug is reversible!!! I got two. That's right- TWO... sorta...

So I've got orange- I've got circles- I've got grey and I've got poor English skills because I think the I "have got" is not good sentence structure. =)

And what did I send.... The fall inspired Mug Rug with the Hooked On Feathers quilting.

And the second rug I sent. My partner had a very specific request of "The Wizard of Oz and maybe something with the ruby slippers." So I thought if I posted it early that would give it away.

So now QuiltinKimmie can kill the witch with every morning cup of Joe- or hot chocolate. Pretty funny, right? Who knew hot chocolate or coffee would prove to be so dangerous?! I even added blue gingham for the sky. I think it works for the theme.

And so ends my first every flickr swap.

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Duff said...

What a great swap! I have to say, though, I just adore your ruby slippers idea--it's entirely creative and fun!