Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back from Vacation

Ok, I'm back from our ridiculously long vacation. (Yes, I scheduled blog posts so you wouldn't get lonely.)

I'm catching up on emails and sorting through the "must-do" vs the "to-do sometime whenever" stack of work items. In fact, if I owe you an email, let me know.

I do have some exciting news- I'm going to use MailChimp to send out my quarterly newsletter. I've thought of the blog subscription feature as a newsletter, but as the company grows, its becoming more evident that a traditional "just hit the highlights" type letter will be more relevant. You can sign up in the side bar of the blog. The next newsletter (Aug/Sept) will announce the ship dates for The Flapper Purse and the Quarter And Dime Quilt Pattern. Hopefully I'll have the newsletter subscription form on my website very soon.


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