Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recycled Altered Container Tutorial

Those crazy marketing people put so much thought and effort into their packaging shapes, it just seems like a waste to throw out a perfectly good container! So I'm here to enable you to save more things around the house and jazz it up a bit with this little recycling how-to.

Aileens Craft Glue
Measuring Tape
Scrap Fabric Rectangle
Old Container
Rotary Cutter
Ruler + Self Healing Mat
Sewing machine + Thread
Trim (optional)

First you'll need to find a container. Anything plastic or tin will pretty much work. Then take off its original packaging.

Head into the sewing room and measure the exact distance of the body of the container. Do not worry about adding any amount for hems or folds. This is a CRAFTY tutorial so we'll be using good ole glue.

Cut a piece of scrap fabric to the measured length. The fabric will need to be long enough to go around the container, but I generally err on the side of "larger" and cut down. I wrap the fabric around the container and generally, give myself about 1/4'' to create the vertical seam. *Remember the fabric will stretch a tiny bit when you put it on the container.

Now take it over to the sewing machine. Use your Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide to help you control that 1/4'' seam. Mine is a scant 1/4'' for this particular container. (Y'all, the scrap was only so big.)

Turn your stitched "tube" right side out and put it on the container. You may need to adjust the fit at this time, in the event your fabric stretched more or the actual length of fabric doesn't allow room for the container lid.

Grab that glue! Add a small bead of glue around the top and bottom edge to secure the raw edges. After you add the bead of glue, you'll want to smash it down with your finger. This will keep the ends from unraveling.

I have a little bit of trim... from many garage sales and thrift store grab bags. I decided this little container CERTAINLY needs some kind of trim.

Yellow rickrack wins!

Again with the glue. I added a line of glue about 1'' from the bottom edge of the container. I then decided to add a second row of trim, about 1'' above the first.

Now just sit back and wait for it to dry.

Containers pictured above are: Crystal Light, Hersheys Cocoa Powder (Markers), Flogers Decaf Coffee (Scissors), and General Foods Internat'l Instant Coffee (Military buttons snipped off recycled uniforms).

If you make it, feel free to share it in the ReannaLily Designs Flickr pool.

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Melissa said...

Great idea! Thanks for the tut.