Thursday, June 3, 2010

Altered Tuxedo Shirts

Not really a throwback to my own prom, but a throwback to the proms where I've been the hired seamstress. Now, that I think of it- it wasn't even all prom, some military formals and other formals in college too.

Viva la Tuxedo Shirt!

I haven't made one of these in about... 7 years! And I've never made one using military fabric, 'til now!

Its an altered tuxedo shirt. It works because when the tux jacket is on, you see only tux collar/front/cuffs but when the party is in full swing and the tux jacket is off- you see the fun fabric the client has chosen.

Let me go find an old pic of one I've done-

Shirts were one of the first items I ever stitched on commission. It all started in my college dorm room back in the late 90's. Many hot peppers + hot sauce + pilot/plane + crawfish type novelty prints were stitched up during that time. It was neat to go back, this week, with this USAF request:

The design using the existing uniform was a bit more tricky, since the sizes/lengths were pretty much predetermined by the original USAF uniform shirt. {{Hopefully it still fits!}}


Shelly - Dragon's Dolphin said...

I remember those shirts!
I don't remember them having the entire back of the shirt, just the yoke done in the different fabric. I love these shirts and have said I'd make one for my husband for Mardi Gras one year. Just haven't gotten around to it yet!
I love it though! Thanks for bringing back the memory!

Corinne said...

Well, this is a new one on me. I thought I was going to see a shirt with loads of ruffles on it instead. :-)

Maria said...

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