Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ReannaLily Designs Pattern Catalog

I thought I'd share my little pattern marketing tool with you. So far, it has been a huge hit with shop owners.

I have all my titles, full, complete patterns on a large ring. These aren't just the covers, this is the whole pattern so if a shop owner wants to see something technical or review my writing/diagram style- its all right there. Also, by having the whole pattern (rather than a catalog of just "front cover images") shops can see the yardages required- which will help them when they order their own fabric inventory for my patterns and kits for my patterns. That is also the reason I have the full pattern cover on my website. When you click on a title image, you can see the whole thing.

I also have a back cover page with business cards tucked into a little pocket. (Thanks to my scrapbooking days for that little idea!)

The catalog is super useful and its very easy for me. If I'm heading out for the day or think I might be stopping by a shop on a weekend trip to another city- I just grab the catalog & throw it in with my stuff. If I hit the shop; great, I'm prepared.

There's a new shop in my Mother-in-law's town and this little baby will be coming with us in summer vacation.

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