Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opportunity Quilt for Prairie Quilt Guild

Photo used with permission from www.wichitaquiltshow.com
I have to tell you about the Opportunity quilt that the Prairie Quilt Guild made. This thing was AMAZING. It was an applique design by Deb Johnson. Deb is the owner/designer of In The Doghouse Designs and is a member of the guild. The design is just outstanding. The pattern for the quilt is available now from In the Doghouse Designs.

The quilt was made over 10 months by a virtual army of quilters:

Carla Anderson
Merilyn Austin
Connie Glaves
Cheryl Harp
Deb Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Florence Kirkland
Ruth Lowrey
Lynn Lunsford
Betty Marshall
Barb Nickelson

The quilt was quilted by award-winning quilter Jan Hutchinson, who is also in our guild. Not only did Jan's machine quilted Tree of Life with Bugs win, most recently, at the 2010 MQX show for Best Use of Thread, but she won at the Common Threads Show, too. Jan is a professional quilter who owns Ladybug House Quilting.

What exactly did she win... Well, the opportunity quilt, valued at over $3600 by a certified appraiser also won Best of Show for the ENTIRE Common Threads Judged show.

I snapped this up-close picture with my phone. You'll have to click on it to enlarge it enough to see the stitching. I know the photo does NOT do the quilt justice, but I had to share it with you. The applique work is exquisite and the quilting is so intricate.

Congrats to Deb, all the applique'ers, and Jan! Great work guild- who generously purchased tickets in hopes of having this beauty in their home.

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wordmama said...

I hope to see that in more quilt shows in the future. It is definitely a masterpiece.