Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is the booth, where I spent most of my weekend. So happy & honored that my Cube Purse was displayed on the back wall. Unfortunately, I didn't snap the photo while the tv was on in our booth. It cycled through all 490-something pattern titles/covers, giving us virtual quilt show AT the show.

The 150 new titles were on the table in the back in bins like the one pictured above. Quilt shop owners could stop by an pick what they liked.

I also saw a pattern of mine/ over in the Northcott fabrics booth. It was the newer, Teddy Bear Circles pattern. When I designed the quilt using virtual fabric, by Ro Gregg, I wasn't sure how Northcott would actually use the design. ((The Teddy Bear for All Seasons flannel will ship later this summer and is not yet available in stores.)) Well, check this out-

They actually print the quilt designs on the LARGE folded sample, which the fabric reps take around to quilt shops. The fabric swatches are inside. The whole process is very neat and interesting in a symbiotic way. distributes the pattern, which states on the cover "using fabric from {whomever}" and then the fabric company also promotes the pattern. This way quilt shops know what line to buy, if they love the pattern and know what pattern to buy if they love the fabric line. Its also pretty neat that they work with independent pattern designers- I mean, look at the diversity in design, just in those 4 patterns alone. Brilliant.

Every market I learn a little bit more. Love learning about the entire process!!!

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