Friday, April 9, 2010

The Flapper

I've been trying to work in a little sewing time in between projects for market and projects for other companies. Its going well. I mentioned that I have a new purse to show you. Here's a few pictures of pieces of it. I'm already carrying the bag around. Its just great and small-ish for spring.

Well, I say its small-ish, but I've designed it to be big enough to hold my sketchbook & flat wallet. The book is not all that big, but I really like to always have it. You just never know when you'll need to write something down or scribble out a version of whatever you just saw.

Hopefully, this pattern will be out later this summer. It will have the basic "sewing with recycled uniforms" details, like the popular Cube Purse, and directions for sewing the bag sans uniform.

In the red/white/camo bag design, the red and white fabric is actually a large men's shirt from Goodwill. Y'all know how much I h.e.a.r.t Goodwill. Its lined with a serious in-your-face red cotton, too. I've already gone to to pick up a few more yards from different designers to make a couple more bags. I'll be able to show you all the color combos later, too. (Probably after market, when things cool down a bit here in the studio.)

Ok, so that's the sneak peek of the new Flapper Purse.

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