Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend was absolutely beautiful and although I slipped out for the kid-sports-games, I was mostly inside working. In the evenings I worked on binding my two new cover models. I love the hand-sewn binding part of a quilt. I don't know if its the hand-sewing or the knowing I'm in the home stretch... either way, love it.

One thing I don't love is the binding seam falling right at the corner. The above picture is fine, nice and smooth. The below picture.... well, have a look-

I join my binding on a 45-degree angle, so there's not a big lumpy seam along any part of the quilt edge... unless the binding seam happens to fall at a corner. Now its lumpy and tricky to hand-sew through. I suppose if it bothered me that much, I could cut away some fabric and move that seam, but I don't think that will happen any time soon. It just baffles me how the quilts can be any size with binding strips at various lengths and inevitably a seam gets into a corner. Chaos theory at its finest.

Speaking of bindings, though, my friend Barb made two videos explaining in detail how to add a binding to a quilt. I add mine almost exactly the same way. (I cut my quilt square first and cut my strips to have 45-degree angles, rather than layering them at the sewing machine- that will make sense when you see the video.) I thought I'd share them here with you because they are great! The ironing tip is especially cool and it really works.

Lets hope these links work in blogger. Enjoy! Thanks for the videos Barb!


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Melissa said...

Those are GREAT videos!! Thanks for the links.