Friday, February 26, 2010

iPhone Armband

I decided to take a break from sewing and writing... to um... sew. It makes sense in my mind, just trust me. I decided to make myself a little gift.

When we joined the local Y, the hubbs loaned me his MP3 Armband thing to wear on the track. Well, it had seen better days. That thing was all kinds of coming apart and the little "holder section" for the music player was too small to fit my phone (which plays music through the slacker radio app).

I went with the uber-hip Laura Gunn fabrics for my very own, super fancy iPhone arm band. Its patch-worky, since the fabrics were left over from another project. {more on that project later.}

I used the original gnarly black tattered armband as my guide for the size and measurements. And, since my nice mannequin, Manny, doesn't have any arms- I have the starch modeling the armband for you.

Of course, I should have looked on Etsy first. Turns out there are a few styles of exercise armbands out there. But I have mine and Monday's workout is just around the corner. Me and Laura, hittin' the gym. =)

The armband is sporting all its rough-draft glory in the photos too. Since its for me, though, I'm able to overlook the insanity of glaring stitching lines and other things that are not quite parallel or square.

There's no pattern or any thing like that- but I did take a more "straight-on" photo for you.

Have a great weekend!

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