Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE Holiday Cards

I've been working on my Christmas cards, which don't involve any sewing... but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing them anyway.

Once I had it all laid out the way I wanted, I went ahead and made it into a downloadable psd template (3.32MB). If you'd like to take it for a test drive, you are more than welcome to. Click the image above.Its saved with layers so you can easily edit it. There's a Text layer where you can write your holiday greeting and all you have left to do is paste your photo on the Picture Layer. Once you paste your picture in, it will cover up the black text you see up there. (or you can delete the two black text layers.) Then all you have left is to save it as a jpg or psd file and upload it to your print service.

I used the guide/trim/cut/bleed/safe marks suggested by VistaPrint. I really don't know much about bleed/trim business... so here's hoping it works! All the important stuff is inside the 'safe' lines... so I'm thinking that means I'm good to go. {disclaimer if you use this template and you order 6000 of these and they're off a bit... um... I don't claim to know what I'm doing. -though I am optimistic- }

I'm going to use VistaPrint to order a few of these guys for my friends and family.

And if you want a rockin back image to type your letter on, you can grab this coordinating psd image. (6.37MB) Click the image below and save it. It has two layers, the back ground and a text layer. Just erase the provided text and add in your own personal message. Flatten the image, save it as a jpg and upload it to the back of your Christmas Card order. The repeat is a little off in the background image below, but I do think its not as noticeable, since you'll be adding text over the image. Eh, I don't mind it that much.


This (above) picture is just a close-up of the background motif.

Merry Christmas!!


*** If you do use them- they are only for personal use and should not be commerically distributed by you for profit, mass produced or resold. Thanks.