Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

I thought I could resist the letter to Santa.... but I cannot. I just can't believe how generous this give away is over at the Fat Quarter Shop. So having said that, lets hope the big guy reads my blog!!!

Dear Santa,
I've been reasonably good. Lets face it, good is a pretty relative term. I haven't been to jail or done anything insane. I haven't made the nightly news or forgotten one of my kids somewhere. Seriously though, Sir, I HAVE been good. I am working really hard and making some huge progress and I sure would love to see some of these things in my stocking!

That Nicey Jane would look great with those uniforms I've sewn. You know what else would look great with uniforms, these, by Sandi Henderson.

But if the elves don't want to go crazy making this fabric just for me, I sure would love some uniform donations. I'm looking for the newer style (pixelated) Navy and the newer Marine uniform sets. Obviously, used sets, though- that is the point of recycling them. =)

Merry Christmas. We'll leave out cookies and milk this year and of course celery for your reindeer.

Your very GOOD friend, Jen.

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