Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please don't hug my Calendar

My rolling calendar is done!

Let me tell you about the finishing up parts-

First up making those numbers. I know I wanted to print the numbers, but I was WAY to cheap to get a fat quarter from Spoonflower. Instead, I went on the internet and looked for information regarding printing at home. I have an ink printer and a laser printer. The ink printer was, of course, out of color ink. When I researched printing on the laser printer, the skeptics all said "never put fabric in your printer it will catch fire" but the people who seemed to have actually tried it say "I did it, but I don't think its washable- and no fire." So I went with the second group of people, especially since I will not be washing my calendar numbers. Yes, rolling the dice on that fire hazzard bit. I pressed my 100% white cotton to an 8.5" x 11" sheet of freezer paper and fed that guy through the laser printer. Since I am here on the computer this morning, you can assume, that I also didn't start a big blaze in my office. I wished the red was more vibrant, but you know, I'm flexible.

Next up, I needed to "back" the numbers with fabric. My plan was to attach them to the calendar from the back with a safety pin, BUT I didn't want to see that pin from the front of the numbers. I needed a two-ply number.

I laid the whole sheet of numbers on a piece of scrap linen (left over from the calendar body) and stitched some free-form squares around each number. Then I cut the numbers apart. I ended up NOT using safety pins to attach the numbers. I used straight pins, stuck on a diagonal, completely concealed- BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT hug my calendar.

Next I added a little detail in the topper. I needed a way for the calendar to hang up.

I wanted to use this natural rope/cording, too. I think it works with the natural linen. Once I decide on the forever home of the calendar, in my home, I'll have the rope suspended from a nail or hook. For attaching the rope, I decided to go with these huge grommets. I do like the look and I like the knot on the front to help balance that poor lonely bird on the right hand side. One problem though- even with a bit of interfacing inside, the calendar top wants to buckle up (like cinching up shoe laces) across the top. I ended up using some staples, vertically, IN the stripes to actually hold the calendar to the wall. Live and learn, next time I'll use a dowel or something on the backside to hold the calendar flat across the top edge.

Now for the mom bird: She needed to be a little more home-maker-y, so I went ahead an added a string so she could be sewing all those months to the top of the calendar. When I stitched each month's patch, I made sure they all started 1" down on the left hand side, so all the months will appear stitched by the bird.

Interesting thing about the linen in the calendar body- Its from a dress from a thrift shop. Instead of paying however much a yard for the beautiful new linens, I went to the plus sized rack at Goodwill and picked up a tea-length jumper dress for a$4.00. I have SO much linen to use now. And I'm always on the look out for more thrift dresses. R.E.C.Y.C.L.E

Oh, this is such a long blog post, but I just realized I didn't show you any pictures of the big pocket on the back of the calendar, which holds the other 11 months. The pocket has a loop + button closure to hold them all in.

Ok, so that is the big calendar project for the new year, finished a bit early. Next up- more Flight Suit Cube Purses for the Etsy shop, for Christmas. Pictures coming soon!


Melissa said...

Love, Love it!!!

SarahVee said...

Great tip on affordable linen! I won't hug your calendar - even though I love it! Thanks for sharing your learning process and that everything didn't turn out perfectly the first time. Sometimes I do wonder if everyone else out there is a genius with different types of fabric, thread, and machine quilting. Enjoy your calendar. Will you show the back pocket? Is there a worm in there for the birds:)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

VERY cute!