Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day

I hope you are having a GREAT holiday weekend, if you're here in the good ole U S of A.

I'm getting some sewing done for the Art Gallery Fabric booth at the Houston Quilt Market. Man, I cannot tell you how crazy excited I am about this. But, unfortunately I cannot be too big on the details yet. Just know those pictures above are part of the ... um ... display samples.

I've also finished up some custom orders here at ReannaLily Designs.

My first ever Coast Guard uniform order! Its already in the hands of my client in Hawaii. {THANKS!} Of course, this is The Cube Purse pattern, which just released this past Tuesday. Don't forget to check out this post for the give away information. I'll be drawing on Sept 8th.

I also did a custom diaper bag. Yes, believe it- its a diaper bag.

Its has two sippy cup elastic pockets on the right and left sides- its got a wallet pocket and the secret zipper pocket. The entire purse is only about 10" tall and 14" wide. Its cute, small and trendy and the prefect size for the mom-of-toddlers who ordered it. The Alexander Henry Fabrics she picked turned out excellent with the solid red. This bag is loosely based on my Gathered Bag from the ole' recycled uniforms catalog.

So that's all the news worth tellin. Thanks again for all the support with my big layer cake + pattern give away. You guys rock and roll!

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