Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caution: Cute Ahead

I was asked to make little baby booties... which I've never done. I thought I'd give it a try because I love a challenge. (Turns out they weren't that challenging and were pretty quick to make. You should definitely make some!)

I made them using the Sew Mama Sew link to Joanna Armour's Cloth Shoe Tutorial. The fabric in these adorable little shoes {and background of the picture} is Girly Girl by Art Gallery Fabrics.

I have to say, if my first sample was to ever be worn by a little girl- I'd definitely take off the silk flowers and buttons. I'm a big fan of not giving babies buttons to chew on, you know.

So that is what I'm workin' on this fine Saturday. I hope you are enjoying College Football and sunshine today!


Dena said...

Cute booties. Guess I'll have to try to make a pair.

Melissa said...

Sooo sweet! And it will match the taggie blanket you made.

Leigh said...

Those are so sweet! Do we see a new line of baby clothes coming out? You know I can still only work on Wednesday afternoons!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for seeing my photos on Flick'r, coming over to my blog and leaving a comment! Such a FUN surprise. ; )

These lil' booties are ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I will try to adapt the pattern to a baby doll. (I am sewing some baby doll clothes to give to my niece). Thanks for sharing.