Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quilt Blogs

As luck would have it I met some really nice people at Quilt Market. One of the guys- yes, GUYS at the show had a booth next to Quiltwoman.com. His company is Danemco and he's also got a hand in Quilterblogs.com. What? You've never heard of quilterblogs.com??? Let me tell you its like your bloglines or google-reader meets the quilt world all in one place. They currently follow 473 blogs and they even have a feature for searching online quilt shops. Pretty cool. I'm very happy to be listed with them. THANKS. Its going to save me the trouble of surfing to so-and-so's blog then clicking on her side bar to find some other quilty blog with a cute title. Go check it out, and block out the next 5 hours of your day!


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Leigh said...

You are rockin' & rollin'!