Saturday, May 30, 2009

The New Project

I'm working on a project. I'm pretty excited about it. Its a purse pattern. Its not my design, but I'm working on writing the pattern for another designer. (Well, this sample is very loosely based on her design. The "bones" are the same but all the details are different. Different flap, handles and sizes.) If the designer likes the final pattern of her actual design, it will be tested, printed and sold for an amazing fabric company. The bag designer happens to be the owner and designer of said fabric company. More details on that if it pans out. In the mean time, I'm working on variations of the sample, using vintage sheets. I'll be making the final draft out of her fabrics, of course.

The blue flowers are from a pillowcase and the stripes are sheets. Those stripes are actually the very same print that my sweet grandmother has in the guest room- so when I saw them at the resale shop I had to pick them up. The strap is nylon trimmed with ribbon- which I do on most all the Recycled Uniform bags. I wanted to add a little blue ribbon on the side and then thought... if one ribbon is good, 4 ribbons must be GREAT. That's good logic, right? The bag has a Velcro closure and is lined with that blue floral print. This bag uses Timtex interfacing and underlining to give it the solid shape. My friend Gwen did the embroidery work on the olive twill tape. THANKS, Gwen!!

So if the whole thing materializes (pun intended) I'll give you all the fabulous details! 'Til then- here's one of the sample variations of a cute little purse. ~jen~

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Leigh said...

I like that one! Very cute and I really like the "recycle" tag!