Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Holy smokes I've been productive on Earth Day, today!

First up, I finished an order for a lovely repeat client. She's asked for a zippered bag and diaper case to match her big Recycled Uniform book bag. I found the dimensions for the diaper case on the internet. It's lined and has a velcro closure.

Here's the book bag, which you've already seen.

If you'd like any of those items for your very own, please email me and we can iron out the details of your custom order.

Next up, on my day of productivity- I stitched the samples for Monday's last quilting class. My students are making the Baby's Boxes Pattern. It was a 3 class series, cutting, piecing, quilting & binding. The samples are for my students to take with them in case they forget the information on quilting & binding. The samples are smaller than a page of paper, but the students can practice machine quilting on one end and have the partially applied binding on the other end as a reference. They're made entirely of scraps. Pretty handy, if you ask me. Hopefully, at the end of May I'll have a much-less-involved Elastic Headbands class. Stay tuned for the time & date.

I also took photos of the 8 aprons I mentioned in an earlier post. Turns out the green fabric that I originally noted "boy-ish" definitely looks "girl-ish" on my mannequin. I'll be listing it as a girl apron. That brings my total to 8 girl aprons and NOTHING for boys. I should remedy that... In the mean time, these babies are headed to my finished goods Etsy shop.

Love the rope/cording tie!

So you can find these aprons over at (in the aprons category) Now, if you sew & you mega love these preschool sized aprons- you can own the pattern for your very own. The Adjustable Aprons pattern was recently picked up by I'm sure I'll have a whole blog post about it next week when the pattern goes live.

What a day! Thankfully, the only thing left to do it fold a mountain of laundry and have dinner with the fam. ~jen~

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Leigh said...

Love the fabric for the diaper bag. AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new aprons!