Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The sincerest form of flattery-

The Spring 2009 Quilt Block swap has been a smashing success so far. In fact, I've had a few ladies email me in an "I'm sorry I missed the sign up" or "Keep my email for next time" way. Well, I've got great news, a very similar swap is being hosted by Jane over at Jane's Fabric and Quilts! So if you would like to join, please go check out her blog and read the rules. OR if you are in the current Spring 2009 Quilt Block swap and would like more blocks- Her blocks are due May 1st- so there's plenty of time.

In other sewing news, I finally stitched up my first ever charm pack. I was lucky enough to receive a Robyn Pandolph charm pack at the Houston Quilt Market back in October. Somehow, I managed to work in sewing a baby quilt, in my leisure. Its not yet quilted, though. I wanted to make a zig zag pattern. The design has been popping up all over blogland & I had to try it. ~Well, not too mention, any half-square-triangle design works great with my little Seamingly Accurate. The whole quilt turned out so soft and femme.

The colors really are that light in real life. I personally don't like those solid pink squares in the design, but I didn't have any spare/extra squares from the line. It was either- make the quilt a whole row smaller, or just throw them in and deal with it. I, obviously, chose the latter. I tried to make my zigs and zags have some kind of color sense too. The charm pack includes all 3 color ways from the line for RJR fabrics, pink, green & blue. Turns out, there were not an equal amount of each color, so the zigs and zags to mix a little. Each zig alternates with a cream tone-on-tone zag.

The quilt is just right for a baby sized blanket. I plan on quilting it with the walking foot, to mimic the angles along the pieced design. More on that later. ;)


Leigh said...

I love that design! I did sew up the charm pack that you sent me. I need to take a pic!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Jen that is so pretty. So subtle and sweet. I'm sure you'll find just THE perfect baby for it.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Love the colors in the quilt!!! Some new momma will be really happy to get it. :)