Sunday, February 22, 2009

The weekend

Boy the weekend was great- sure its already over... but I guess technically I should be savoring these last 3 hours of Sunday...

On Saturday I went to a quilt show to ask vendors if they are currently carrying Seamingly Accurate. Imagine my delight when TWO vendors had it at the show. Here, let me show you my delight:

Yeh, I was THAT excited; I had my 6yo snap my picture. (which is why I'm leaning down, btw.) And he actually took all the pictures in my webshots album from the show. Check out these talented ladies!

It was a stressful show, since I decided to take the 3 kids with me. Gotta do, whatcha gotta do, right? Maybe next year I'll have a booth... and no kids. That will be a totally different blog post!

I was happy to hand out my flier with my new patterns included. You didn't forget did you? I'm releasing a small handful of patterns next week, once the finishing touches are on them. And yes, I'll probably have a big fat blog give-away to celebrate! Check back next week to enter and see what I'm giving away.

And also, this weekend- as a result of the quilt show I purchased 3 fat quarters. (One per kid, of course. How wonderful that my children can be encouraged into good behavior with FABRIC. It works like that on me, too.) And this is what I turned them into- per each kiddo's request:

Two fat quarter sized, velour backed blanets:
And a bunny. Yes, I'm calling it a bunny bc she's calling it a bunny:

Now that is a scary bunny! My 8yo just thinks its great... so great it is. And there you have it.

This weekend I also received 3 more sets of blocks for the Spring 2009 Quilt Block Swap. Thanks ladies for sending those in! Keep 'em coming & I'll keep sorting/posting. You can see many other blocks at the flickr group for the swap.

I hope you also had a wildly exciting, surprising fun weekend filled with fabric & quilts! ~jen~

If you subscribe to both blogs, sorry about the strangely similar posts.


Anonymous said...

I totally see the bunny! You had a great weekend!

Leigh said...

YEAH for your and your product! The bunny is a little scary.