Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Big Fat Thank YOU!

I've got two pictures to share with you of sewing done by my super great friends. First up, we have a couple of the Aprons from February's Apron Class with the French Seam technique. The above picture is my friend's absolutely adorable 2 1/2 yo daughter wearing moms brand spankin new pink and yellow apron. (Which makes me think I need to draft a pattern for a slightly smaller sized chef- so my guests can make Mommy & Me matching aprons.) AND then below picture is of a couple students from the Friday class, graciously modeling their designs for me. The apron on the left is two different sizes of black gingham, which looks excellent in person- but kinda tricky for a photo.

And as you faithful blog readers know, I'm hoping to release 4 patterns in March and two are already back from the testers. She chose to use green and cream for the design and I do think it turned out very well. Check out this little sneak peek:

The photo above is just a portion of the larger queen size scrappy quilt. Its called Boxed In and will be landing in my pattern shop soon. Of course, I'll have a big blog post on that day. =)

I cannot thank you ladies enough for testing the patterns and supporting my local classes. I love sewing, designing and teaching and you make it all possible. Thank you.

ps- AND thank you so much for letting me post your pictures.


Owens Family Adventures said...

That little girl is such a cutie!!!
Love the apron too. :) I had a lot of fun testing the pattern for the quilt. It went together really fast and your directions were awesome!!

Leigh said...

Looks like everyong did a great job! Probably because of the great teacher!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Looks like you are keeping extra busy as usual. Love the stuff.