Friday, February 13, 2009

The Recycled Uniforms Catalog

Because its Valentine's Day weekend & because I LOVE ReannaLily Designs...

I've been working on putting together a virtual catalog for my Recycled Uniforms Designs. It is absolutely current and is in a nice tidy pdf form. You can find it by clicking on this image:

The image will live in my blog side bar and will always be there when you need it. =) I will be adding my new Gathered Bag to the Recycled Uniform Line-up very soon.

And in an effort to be oh-so 21st Century, I started a Facebook fan page for ReannaLily Designs.

I'll try to post on the Facebook page often. I'll have class info and product info over there. Its nice also, because all of the photos for the designs are hosted right there ON the page. I have a handful of images up- Its only been a day, though. Feel free to drive on over to your Facebook account and become a FAN of ReannaLily Designs.

Have a super great lovey-love Valentine's Day weekend!

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Leigh said...

You are movin' and groovin'!