Monday, January 26, 2009

The Swap Sign-up is closed!

Ok, its officially, the 2009 Spring Quilt Block Swap sign-up is officially closed. Wow. We have 4 online swap sections and my real-life guild. That's a total of 45 players (well, some of us are in more than once...) But holy smokes. How wonderful. I am very pleased that we ended in an even 4 sections. I do have one lady who contacted me right after the last spot was filled. I'm having trouble with your email- I'm sorry the swap is filled. I do anticipate hosting another swap in the fall, though. As for those of you in the current swap- I'll be sending out an email this week regarding shipping information for the blocks. Thank you again for playing! Also, you can add your swap pictures or just follow along on our flickr group. ~jen~


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Woo Hoo! We made 4 full groups plus your quilting quild? That is awesome! I know that you consider your guild “a real-life guild”; but aren’t we in essence forming our own “virtual guild?” Although, as I’ve been working on this, trust me it is REAL LIFE! I posted how my square is coming along on in case you’re interested to see how it is doing.

The Jen said...

Oooh yeh, I'd love to see some of the blocks - before I get to see the blocks. Good point about the virtual quilt guild. It has been fun so far. ~jen~

Leigh said...

BTW, I'm doing the Army Block!