Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Grommet Bag

I was asked to make a Grommet bag for a dear friend. The cool thing about this purse is that SHE was active duty and this is HER uniform. Sure, it happens to have her husband's name on the bag as well... wait, same last name. It works on many levels. =) Since it was her petite uniform, there are two pockets on the front. The original Grommet bag design was altered slightly to add the pockets and take off the ribbon. She also picked this super sweet fabric to coordinate with her bag. The fabric is named "jane" and was purchased in Japan at least 6 years ago.

I also added a few more pockets to the design, for my friend. Its got a total of 6 pockets. Two functional pockets from the uniform, 3 total smaller pockets- just right for the cell phone or keys and then the lined zipper pocket inside. Its even got a key ring loop in there.

With the small amount of extra fabric I had left from the 1yard of floral I made a little credit card wallet. Its the first of its kind.

And my favorite picture of the bag: (as if its one of the kids and "oooh, I just love the face its making in this shot." Yeh, I'm kinda into the sewing...)

As soon as the roads are cleared by my favorite Civil Engineeing team, and the snow day is officially over, I'll drop this in the mail. Stay warm!

Oh, and if any of you in the blog land are wanting your own purse, please contact me. ~jen~


Anonymous said...

Great bag and I love that credit card wallet! Barb C

Missy said...

The bag is beautiful, and the credit card wallet is adorable. What a great way to use up old utility uniforms.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

LOVE the bag and the credit card wallet. You wouldn't be putting those patterns into your pattern section would you? I'd love to have the pattern to make them for around here--(we live outside of 3 bases--a seabee base, navy base, and air force base). Not that I'd be selling them, but using the old uniforms found in thrift stores to make them for my daughters! LOL

cathymcswain said...
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cathymcswain said...
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cathymcswain said...

(I am new to blogging, so I've made a few mistakes. Oops.)

I am the lucky one who received this purse and wallet, and they are beautifully designed and sewn. The strap is so clever because it closes the purse when it's on my arm or when I'm carrying it, but it's also easy to get into when I want. And the wallet is amazing too. I love, love, love them!

:) Thank you, Jen! You're awesome!!