Saturday, January 3, 2009

520 What??

I've been thinking of this little quilt for a while. Well, I originally pictured it in "real full size" but then, I decided- No, it needs to be a doll quilt. I have just the sweetest little 2.5yo Doll mommy in mind for it.

The original plan was to make a quilt based on sashing, and using the solid blocks to showcase quilting. After seeing Sew Colleen do her quilting with the Pam Clark method of marking the block into 8 sections- I just had to try it. Needless to say, it does take a bit of practice. In fact, you cannot even see the quilting in the little quilt. That is just fine with me. I did consider doing the quilting in red thread, but I'll have to save that idea for another project. The solid blocks measure 4".

What you can see is the OVER 520 half inch squares. They *almost* line up. hee hee. Lets call it Folk Art Inspired. =) The squares were not individually pieced, thank goodness. I pieced them in pairs, so my cut units measured 1" x 2". But yes, still ALOT of half inchers on there. This is completely a de-stash quilt, too. I mean, I have a wide assortment of little 2.5" squares to work with, so thats where all the tiny squares came from. The whole quilt is the size of a fat quarter- 18" x 22". Each section of the pieced binding is 2". I used a scrap of 80/20 Cotton batting for the quilt to give it that crinkle. The back is Heather Bailey.

Its soft and is ready to be drug around the house, tea parties in the back yard and tucked in nicely around baby doll.

And in other news- I've got the quilt block swap details ironed out. I've already added the blog button in my side bar. I'll be posting on Monday. Please check back!



Owens Family Adventures said...

Really cute! So many little pieces.
Do we wait til Monday to put the button on our blog for the swap? It's gonna be a lot of fun!

Becky said...

I think that 2.5 yr old is really going to love it! : )

Anonymous said...