Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Swap Block

I'm so excited about the response the Spring 2009 Quilt Block swap is receiving. Thank you blogosphere. Sign-up are through Jan 26th, so there's still time to play. Please make sure your blocks measure 12" and 12.5" unfinished. I started working on my first set of swap blocks. I'm in section 1 and have chosen to do Road To Oklahoma.

Why would I already have them done? Well, funny you ask. I just wanted to be ahead, in case I need to join another section later. Oh and by joining two different sections, I get twice as many swap blocks... so yeh, having section 1 finished is opening up some options for me later. And, its only 9 blocks.

Thanks to the currently players for listing the blog button on your websites. I do appreciate the spreading-of-the-news. Viva la 2009 Swap!

I'm also working on making some new full-length adjustable aprons for my Etsy shop. It feels like a while (only a month, though) since I've added anything new to the store. My full-length aprons sold out right at Christmas time, so I do need more in the shop. In fact, I've got to go finish those aprons up before the preschool chariot must pull out from the driveway this afternoon. =)


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