Friday, December 12, 2008

Another one done!

I finished up another quilt from last year. This one, like my burgundy appliqué one, was made over a year ago. I just got it back from the quilter in Sept and finally bound it yesterday. This is my Garden Box Quilt. Each of those squares are from different fat quarters* of fruit or veg fabric. (Some of them are the same, you know, a few "boxes" cut from one fat quarter.) I add the light green triangles to be the "leaves" and then I boxed it off, so my veg wouldn't grow all together. I have to tell ya, having a sewn garden is WAY easier than having a real one.

The quilt block is from the Quilter's Cache, but I'm sorry I don't remember the name of it.

I also wanted to share a little tip about the BINDING. I prepare all my binding the same way. Cut 2.5" strips. Miter the ends, sew the strips end to end. Press it in half, lengthwise and roll it up. Lots of times, I do this right after the top is done. It keeps me from using that particular piece of fabric in another project, when I know I NEED it for the finished top. I'll write the quilt top name on a ziploc and keep it on a shelf 'til it returns from the machine quilter's shop.

I use the Fons and Porter method of continuous binding. You can choose to apply it to the front of your quilt, then finish it by hand on the back side, or do it as I have (much quicker) and sew the binding to the back of your quilt:

Then flip it to the front to edge-stitch the binding down. Make sure the tension is even on your machine because with this method, I needed a dark color top thread and a light color bobbin thread. Ya don't want little "pokies" from either side peeking through.

There ya have it. There's some tricks to the mitered corners, but that is all explained in the Fons and Porter method/book. In fact, if you sew, I'm sure you've seen it before.

Ta'dah! ~jen~

*A fat quarter is a quilting term referring to a piece of fabric which measures 18" x 22". They are generally regarded as GREAT Christmas or Birthday gifts for quilters, should you be shopping. =)


Owens Family Adventures said...

you're just busting them out left and right!!! Love the colors!

Corinne said...

Ok Jen, I want to see the final result up close...front and back. Machine finishing binding is something I've struggled with. I usually do the first method you mentioned (machine sew on the back, hand stitch on the front) but would LOVE to master the all machine method.

Leigh said...

LOVE IT! You are jammin' in Altus, OK